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The Harvard Art Museums have recreated a historical cabinet of curiosities in the exhibit "The Philosophy Chamber" featuring MCZ specimens from Herpetology, Ichthyology, Invertebrate Paleontology and Ornithology. Read more info in the Harvard Magazine. (17 May 2017)

Congratulations to MCZ Faculty-Curator Gonzalo Giribet, named Harvard College Professor. Read more about it in the Harvard Gazette. (3 May 2017)

Congratulations to Giribet lab student Tauana Cunha, awarded the 2017-18 GSAS Merit Fellowship for her research proposal Integrative research in gastropods: Phylogeny and shell shape evolution.

Read about the pioneering study on the genetic component of parenting behavior in mice from MCZ Faculty-Curator Hopi Hoekstra and postdoc Andrés Bendesky in the New York Times and Nature. This is the first study of variation in parenting behavior of mammals that has been linked to the animals' DNA. (April 2017)

The new Harvard Museums of Science and Culture exhibit "SCALE: A Matter of Perspective" includes MCZ glacite models of protists, a fossilized amphibian skull and a small diorama of the paleontological excavation that produced the skull. You can read more about the exhibit in the Harvard Gazette. (18 April 2017)

Congratulations to MCZ Faculty-Curator Hopi Hoekstra who has been elected as a Fellow in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. (April 2017)

Congratulations to MCZ Faculty-Curator Emeritus, Edward O. Wilson, winner of the 2017 Reed Environmental Writing Award for his book, Half-Earth: Our Planet's Fight for Life. (9 March 2017)

Congratulations to MCZ Faculty-Curator Emeritus Richard Lewontin, who was awarded the Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal by the Genetics Society of America for lifetime achievement in the field of genetics. (24 March 2017)

The 2015-2016 MCZ Annual Report is now available to download from our website. Read about special projects completed during the year, faculty, staff and student awards, headline-making research, and more. (March 2017)

Congratulations to MCZ Faculty-Curator Emeritus Edward O. Wilson, recipient of the 2016 Human Society of New York's Humane Medal. He was recognized for his "lifetime of work; his pioneering efforts to protect the biodiversity of our planet". (2 March 2017)

Director James Hanken is featured in Science Goes to the Movies, where he and Faith Salie discuss how animal behavior is depicted in the animated Walt Disney film, Zootopia. Watch to learn more about Prof. Hanken's research subjects, how media portrays animals in general, and amphibian conservation. (17 February 2017)

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